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In The Face of Temptation – Lenten choral piece

An original piece of music for your choir’s undertaking!

Written seventeen years ago, based on a melody from two hundred years ago!

This piece is appropriate for the First Sunday in Lent, but here it is being posted on the last Sunday of the season, this year… in ample time to learn it for next year!

Download the pdf-file, including SATB and accompaniment parts , here.

Audio of the first performance of this piece:

“In times of trial, we pray, guide us safely along the way.”

Remember God Loves You (song)

A song for young people!

Remember God Loves You: in Baptism, in Communion, in our gathering. We experience God’s love through those around us; God’s love touches all the senses!

A sheet with lyrics and chords: PDF file – Remember God Loves You

For a simple performance of the song, this link takes you to a video clip.

An audio recording:

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Fling the Church Doors Open Wide
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Go And Tell (song)

On this Third Sunday after the Epiphany, Year C, we read Luke 4:14-21 as the gospel text in the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL).

In 1999, the BC Synod of the ELCIC held a youth gathering in the Okanagan. The theme of the gathering was “Go and Tell,” and the guiding text for the weekend retreat was Luke 4:18-19.

In the spirit of youth gatherings, and in congregational song, here is a piece you might use in your community!

To hear it as it was done at that 1999 youth gathering, check out this YouTube clip.

Downloadable pdf-file of the song: Go And Tell